IEEE Workshop


Creativity in the work environment

The workshop aims to introduce participants to the principles and foundations of creativity and how it can be used to spark innovation and how creativity creates progress and progress creates value.

During the workshop, the participants shall be introduced to the Creativity Map and how to assess their own personal creativity profile in addition to assessing institutional creativity using hands on exercises.

Participants shall carry out some examples and will be shown how they can use creativity to strengthen their skills should be managed and used to meet the various challenges and circumstances facing them. Participants will also be trained on methods that enable them to plot strategies for the development of personal creativity and how to make it synergies institutional creativity.


The workshop shall cover:

  • Introduction to creativity
  • Definition of creativity
  • The disparity in the definition of creativity
  • The scientific foundations of creativity

Creativity Map

  • Explore the best ways to apply creativity
  • The four portfolios of creativity
  • Applications of creativity portfolios

 Assessment of personal and institutional creativity style

  • Identify the creativity portfolio for the organization's purpose
  • Define the creativity style of institutional systems
  • Define personal creativity style

Creativity styles

  • Imagine Style (leapfrogging and forecasting)
  • Invest Style (participation and portfolios)
  • Improve Style
  • Incubate Style (design and development of models and systems development processes, etc.)

Date: 11th March 2020
Time: 14:00 -  18:00
Speaker: Dr. Hafidh Alsamarrai, Chair of the Technology and Engineering Management Society at Western Saudi Arabia IEEE Section and the Vice Chair of the Section
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