Dr. Mohamed Abdel-Kader



Dr. Mohamed Abdel-Kader Chairman and CEO Material Bidders Co

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13 Mar 2019 | 16:30 - 17:15 | E-Procurement: New Horizons for Construction Ma...

Dr. Abdel-Kader serves as “K&A Designs” -an architecture and planning consulting firm working in the MENA region-  as founder and managing Principal achieving the firm’s strategic goals, design philosophy and quality assurance.

Further Dr. Abdel-Kader chairs and manages “Material Bidders” and information technology company developing an application forming a platform for buyers and suppliers of construction materials that work globally.

With a Bachelor degree in Architecture and Masters in Urban Design from Cairo University together with a PhD in architecture from the University of California at Berkeley, Dr. Abdel-Kader covers diverse areas of the academic spectrum from architecture to urban design and planning. His expertise extends to urban economics as well as economics and management of cultural heritage, which he taught as a visiting lecturer in a number of academic venues in Italy.  

Dr. Abdel-Kader’s expertise varies geographically from Egypt to the MENA region and extends to the USA, with the belief in the value of partnership and exchange of information and expertise with different professional and academic institutions for mutual benefits.