Dr. Mohammed Alhaj Hussein



Dr. Mohammed Alhaj Hussein Chairman of Saudi Concrete Chapter CEO - Green Quality Consulting Engineering Office

Conference Agenda

13 Mar 2019 | 20:30 - 21:15 | Using local green materials in Saudi Vision 203...

A regional leader in promoting green concrete, green building and construction

A senior Material Engineer, Civil Engineer, Researcher and a Consultant

  • 30 years of experience as a Material Engineer, Civil engineer, Researcher and a Consultant in the field of concrete technologies, corrosion control, green concrete and green building products, UK, USA & Saudi Arabia.
  • Consultant in various local, Gulf and international committees and organizations for Green building, Green Concrete and Corrosion control.
  • Dr Mohammed Alhaj Hussein is the author of (The Effect of Cement Type and Pozzolan on Corrosion: Behavior and Durability Performance of Reinforced Concrete). PhD's book can be found in Europe, North America, Africa and Asia
  • Dr Mohammed Alhaj Hussein had performed as a speaker, moderator, and conference chairman in various summits and conferences for Green Building, Green Concrete, Smart Building and construction waste management throughout the World. He had presented many seminars and workshops, as well as published articles in Russia, USA, UK, South Africa, India, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait and Jordon. Moreover, he was interviewed on several regional and international medias, Arabia CNBC, Gulf TV, Saudi TV, and Kuwait TV.