Dr. Muhammad Kalimur Rahman



Dr. Muhammad Kalimur Rahman Vice President - ACI Saudi Arabia Chapter in the Eastern Province Research Engineer (Assoc. Prof) Center for Engineering Research - King Fahd University Of Petroleum & Minerals

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Dr. Muhammad Kalimur Rahman is Senior Researcher and Associate Professor in the Center for Engineering Research at Research Institute of KFUPM. He obtained MS degree University of California at Berkley, USA and Ph.D. from KFUPM. His areas of research interest include non-metallic reinforcement in concrete, nanomaterials in cement, concrete materials using waste, oil well cementing, repair of concrete structures, structural strengthening using carbon fiber, buried pipelines for hydrocarbon, finite element analysis and chloride diffusion in concrete. Dr. Rahman has conducted more than 45 client-funded Research projects as Project Manager/Principal Investigator (PI) in last five years, worth more than 25 million Saudi Riyal. Dr. Rahman is actively involved in teaching graduate and undergraduate courses and research activities in the Petroleum and Civil Engineering Department and was Co-advisor in 14 Ph.D/M.S theses in past few years. Dr. Rahman has seven patents and more than 150 papers in refereed journals, conferences. . He is currently Vice-President of the ACI Saudi chapter in the Eastern Province.