Khaled Hashem



Khaled Hashem Founder & CEO KH Elite Architecture

Khaled Hashem is an enthusiastic ambitious Architect from Saudi Arabia. He gained his professional license locally from SCE and internationally from AIA after studying Architecture in King Fahad University of Petroleum and Minerals (KFUPM), where he received the Bachelor's degree. Also gained professional experience by working for the first five years with different pioneering companies, as Zuhair Fayez Partnership. In addition to the academic knowledge in business and practicing it through MBA and CIPM.

He founded KH Elite Architecture in September 2016, after cofounding two other unsuccessful businesses in the design industry. Architect Khaled is known for his unlimited passion and commitment towards innovative work. He finds joy in designing a space inside out, from its Architecture to its little details. The way he sees this profession makes it feels distinguished through presenting his elite services to various clients.

KH Elite Architecture today is special because of its collaboration with different professionals in different engineering and technical fields. Accepting the talented design students for internships from multiple local universities also considered as an important role this office plays, to upgrade the quality of local resources and utilize them through offering jobs for the ones fit Khaled Hashem’s elite criteria.