Mohamed Kamal Sherif



Mohamed Kamal Sherif BIM Manager Twaum Company

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12 Mar 2019 | 17:30 - 18:15 | The Effect of New Technologies Trends on the Pr...

Mohamed has almost 12 years of Experience in AECO industry; with more than 10 years in BIM management and modelling. Mohamed’s passion is about the digitalization of the process within the industry through the complete project life cycle. Currently, he is working as a BIM Manager/Digital Lead with Twaum Company which aims to develop and manage the projects with BIM process in a controlled environment to enhance the quality of the projects' delivery. The process includes energy reservation principals' engagement within the design and Energy Management for the benefit of the Facility. Mohamed just received the certificate of Global BIM Management from Barcelona University and Zigurat Institute of Technology. He holds a certificate for BIM Project Management from RICS. Mohamed is also a Certified Consultant for the use of BIM in the operation phase.