5 - 8 March 2018; 4PM - 10PM
Jeddah Centre for Forums & Events

Nigel Eckersall

Speaker Name

Nigel Eckersall

VE Experts

Design and Development Director

AboutNigel Eckersall

Nigel has been a visionary leader in the development of mixed use sustainable residential and masterplans projects across the region for the past 12 years.  Nigel has in the past been placed in the Top 50 GCC Architects and previously in the top “Power 100 in Construction GCC” and his sustainable initiatives have been greatly published.

Nigel has been developing master plans for some of the region’s largest developers at VX and he look into approaches of how to create mixed use master plans work within the unique constraints of the Region where we have a greater dependency on the Car.  His works look into how to make more passive walkable communities and how architecture and planning uses can create the true “Live, Work, Play” concept a reality in the region.

Nigel is currently developing new master planning guidelines based on intelligent facades and the needs of the future city to consider future energy generation systems.

Nigel and VX are currently working on some of the leading Master Plan developments in the region for leading clients.