Sharifah A. AlEssa Architect Creative Creator

Conference Agenda

13 Mar 2019 | 16:30 - 17:15 | Create Creative Impact

My ambition is to build the change I want to see in the world because I can see the brightness of the future especially with the women before me who have paved the path for my profession. Now We know more, we know better how to build without disruption, and commit to the three main pillars of sustainability social, environmental, and economical. These three pillars are well-known in my principles and projects since I am committed to. With all the knowledge and documented experiences have equipped me to be creating more impactful purposeful projects in the world that will impact lives positively. Also, I vow to enable and empower the community through my degree, that will enable unable users more to make it not only for limited ability but also for universal designs and inclusive to everyone. those principals are my core values which makes me confident to be an outstanding candidate for BIG 5 . Decisions reveal a person’s priority for me that is causing an impact. that’s why when I started to have electives in university I chose a knowledge that will enable the world so my elective courses were (limited ability design and low income housing) my power is to empower and to create creative designs that impact.so, when I went and applied to the real world I chose the tallest biggest and a place where it exceeds the human limitations so I worked at EMAAR Dubai. When your core values are clear, it reflects on your decisions on who to serve so I had the great honor to be in the ministry of defense where I designed for our noble soldiers. In the future to go forward into most impactful projects on people and planet.

‏In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia this major is still new for women, we may be a few but it’s a force that will shape the world in 2030. I was honored to work on the sky line of Dubai before I even got my college degree and working with the biggest highest in all this world record that makes me believe that everything is reachable and possible to reach your goals in reality. anything you aim for, hope you see what keep me going and growing, My vision will be vivid to all I believe you can understand my determination also my vision at the end of my journey. the aim that I want to reach is the actual excellence architect outcomes not the title ,since I got my honor degree and had the opportunity to work in well-known authority sectors, change makers and future shapers I realized the title is not the goal but the impact is the mission.one of my first effective work was applying the piece of ramp on my grandfather’s house which reflects a better impact on his daily life. I was prouder than any other title because that had an immediate impact on someone’s life. from this point of view, it’s my honor to help as many people in need in this world and creating more accessible environment for an easier life.

My vision and aspiration with this opportunity will be the bridge of accessing opportunities I will turn this stage into an investment in me which will invest powerfully, purposefully and effectively to the world. Which gives a feeling and measured quantifiable actions, impactful on the world planet and people enabling making them feeling capable, happy, spiritually free, openness, and connecting to the nature and more within the science behind the design by being empowered by you.

 I am under construction but my foundation is strong.