General Construction


  1. Occupational Safety in Saudi Arabia: ISO 45001 and its requirements
  2. How to avoid delayed payments and generate cash flow?
  3. Opportunities for the private sector to invest in public infrastructure - PPP (Public Private Partnership)
  4. Leadership development for construction employees
  5. What are the initiatives and actions to be taken to drive affordable housing in Saudi?
  6. Pre-requisites, timelines and decision drivers for Construction Claims
  7. Exploring new strategies and trends on the current and future mining projects
  8. Exploring How Quality of Wastewater Treatment Systems Supports Sustainability
  9. Incorporating Local and Cultural Influences into Innovative, Contemporary Design
  10. Procurement Panel: Effective FM procurement strategies
  11. Why Construction Industry Needs Circular Economy for Sustainable Future?
  12. Improving Efficiency and Reducing Costs Through Effective FM
  13. New rules and regulations of the HS Code for Saudi Customs Clearance
  14. Using Local Green Materials in Saudi Vision 2030 and Sustainable Development
  15. Holistic Human Resource Development for better Safety- Investing in Certification, Skill Development and Training of Construction Workers
  16. Understanding the application and dynamics of Green Concrete in Saudi
  17. Advanced Materials and Techniques for Reinforced Concrete Structures – Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP)
  18. Innovative design methods of concrete – (Intro to Decorative Concrete)
  19. Precast innovations for sustainability and competitiveness
  20. Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) –health and safety