HVAC - R, Urban Design, Architecture, Women in Construction



  1. HVAC - What’s future for district cooling?
  2. Why and how MEP systems must be integrated at the design stage?
  3. Why is there a growing demand for energy-efficient HVAC systems in the region?
  4. How Geothermal air conditioning could be the answer to what is needed in the MENA region?
  5. Temporary solutions for HVAC & Power – Contingency planning

Urban Design

  1. Masterplanning for Sustainable Cities of Tomorrow
  2. Does the Public realm define a City? Do Landscape Architects and Urban designers hold the key?
  3. How to design and develop parks, playgrounds and sport activities within the existing public realm of Saudi Arabia?
  4. Leveraging BIM for Landscape and Urban Design
  5. Integrated building design approach: urban design for sustainability


  1. Improving the architecture, performance, and cost effectiveness of buildings through value-driven design
  2. Execution of traditional Islamic architecture through design
  3. Advanced Technology and Innovative Thinking Shaping Buildings of the Future
  4. Design Conceptualization process – Is it Creative or Scientific
  5. Advantages of BIM for Architectural Design

Women in Construction

  1. Driving Women Empowerment and Gender Equality
  2. How can women pursue more leadership roles in the construction and development industries?
  3. How can Non-Technical Professions Contribute to the Success of the Construction Industry?
  4. Key challenges Faced by Women in Construction in the Kingdom
  5. What Initiatives are organizations taking in order to promote Diversity and Inclusion in the work places?