Sustainability, Solar, Technology & Smart City



  1. Introduction to the WELL building rating system
  2. Introduction to LEED V4
  3. High performance Facades: Designing sustainable and innovative building envelopes
  4. Current Challenges on Sustainable Housing in Saudi Arabia
  5. What sustainable materials can be used in construction?


  1. How Block chain is Transforming the Energy Market?
  2. Role of SME’s in Driving the Future of Solar Industry in UAE
  3. Optimizing PV, Inverter and Storage Capacity to Create a Compelling Value Proposition
  4. Achieving Energy Independence with Off-grid, Battery-based Solar Energy Systems
  5. Coupling Desalination with Solar Energy – Step Towards Moving Away from Reliance on Fossil Fuel for Energy Needs of Desalination Process


  1. BIM Between Theory and Practice
  2. The Next Breakthrough Transforming the Landscape of Construction: 3D Printing
  3. BIM and Emerging Technologies (BIM Coding, Level 3 and Virtual Reality) Disrupting Building Construction
  4. BIM as Information Management and Design Process

Smart City

  1. From Smart buildings to smart cities – How to improve efficiency and performance through integrated technologies?
  2. Routes to Prosperity via smart transport
  3. Smart City Projects & Energy Transition 
  4. How to Fund and Sustain Smart City Projects and Infrastructure?
  5. Transforming the Construction Industry Through IoT