Workshop Themes For 2020



A series of high level and free to attend workshops complementing the ethos of the leading construction event of The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – The Big 5 Saudi. These boutique workshops include a diverse set of tools from some of the most exciting case studies, powerful keynotes to captivating debates to put a spotlight on what’s new and relevant, address the challenges of construction and take away practical solutions for a better future of construction in Saudi. 


Covering the general construction life cycle, everything from case studies to sustainability

Focused on covering all things project management, this series will give you an in-depth look into case studies, challenges and practical solutions in project management

The workshop aims to introduce participants to the principles and foundations of creativity and how it can be used to spark innovation and how creativity creates progress and progress creates value. 

The American Concrete Institute will be conducting one day of masterclasses focusing on Building Code requirements, durability and more

A new masterclass series focusing on the implementation of BIM within construction projects

Designed to put a spotlight on the new and upcoming technologies and implementations in the construction field